5 hacks to grow your Threads following

You may be forgiven if you naively thought that, the fact that Threads is connected to Instagram would give you a massive advantage when it comes to followers on the new platform. Although Threads allows users to link their accounts and gives you the option to follow your entire Instagram list of followers, not even that is a guarantee that people won’t skip this step and give your account a miss.

Social media is a tough crowd to please these days. We’ve all been spoiled, but over the last years numerous apps have been coming and going.

So, now that you have joined Threads and want to make the most out of it, how do you grow your following on the app?

Whether you are a seasoned influencer, a regular social media user, or a brand aiming to expand its digital footprint, here five professionals share their own journey and hacks to grow your Threads following and engage with them on the app since its July 2023 inception.

Follow staff

“My number one hack for growth on new platforms is finding and following the people that work on that app (i.e. for Threads, follow the CEO Adam Mosseri, @mosseri). They will often post about how the algorithm works and any future changes, for that specific app. 

Threads is purely text based, so the best way to grow, in my opinion, is by starting conversations and asking questions to your current and potential customer base.

Alex Robinson – Managing Director at Novus Digital

Engage from day 1

“You should engage with other users as much as possible. Threads is a social media platform, and like any other, being social is key. Respond to other users’ threads, like their posts, and rethread interesting content to your feed. This will increase your visibility and potentially attract more followers.”

Flynn Zaiger – CEO at social media agency Online Optimism


“See what works, what doesn’t and do more of what does work. You will have to keep on top of the latest engagement methods and styles of content, as expect this to change week by week as the platform evolves and new features arrive.”

James Hacking – Founder at social-first marketing agency Socially Powerful


“Consistency is the no.1 hack to grow on any social media platform, particularly if it’s new. The launch of Threads was the latest social media channel Social Media Managers and Marketing Managers have needed to adopt as part of their ongoing strategies. As a primarily organic social media channel (for the time being) brands want to focus on building legitimate connections through being ‘human’ rather than promoting sales messages. I think the key with Threads in particular will be to stand out through creating content around real-life events, engagements and trends.”

Jasmine McKenzie – Marketing manager at Absolute Digital Media 

Explore formats

“Experiment with various post formats, such as tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, product showcases, or user-generated content. Determine which formats are most effective in capturing your audience’s attention and inspiring them to engage with your content. And test different types of graphics, such as images, infographics, quote cards, and illustrations, to see which ones generate the most engagement and drive the desired actions from your audience.”

Kinga Stabryla – Managing Director at digital marketing agency Brandspire

Bonus tip

Promote your Threads handle

Share your Threads handle on your other social media profiles, email signature, and website/blog. And mention your Threads account in your offline activities like workshops, presentations, or seminars.

Author: Marcio Delgado
A Journalist, speaker and a Content Producer working with brands and publications in the UK and Latin America.