Hello Manila! – another successful photo shoot

14 hours later and here we are: ready to wrap up another FACE OF MY WU photo shoot. This time the location was in the Philippines, with a great weather and even greater people working in front as well as behind the cameras. 

It is always a nice challenge to start from scratch from one photo shoot to another, jumping into the unknown because we really never know who we will end up working with for a very long day. 

Thank you to Louie Aguinaldo for being the most patient photographer to work with. Our hair stylist Ethan David and our makeup artist Bobby Carlos. Thank you all the models, the hyper active team of Go Motion shooting our behind the scenes video. 

Also extending my thank you to the catering team and all the guys helping us with the transportation in Manila and surrounds, our studio assistants, Abelle, Miguel and Ida (Expedio), and WU regional Marketing Manager Trina Espiritu.

Author: Marcio Delgado
A Journalist, speaker and a Content Producer working with brands and publications in the UK and Latin America.
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