Passion For What I Do

I am a Marketing Consultant, Content Producer and Journalist with strong CRM & Customer Loyalty experience and excellence in creating, planning and implementing comprehensive Marketing and Content Marketing strategies and Social Media initiatives.

A proven portfolio of successful work including financial, retail and broadcasting markets and I am proud of being able to use storytelling to successfully connect brands and customers.

Since 2012 I have coordinated and produced online and off-line content and campaigns in countries as diverse as Russia, the Philippines, Canada, Portugal, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, United Kingdom and USA.

You can see my current work featured in platforms as diverse as Westerner Union’s social channels, The Independent, Glam Magazine and Hyper, amongst other media outlets.

I love films and, having previously worked for independent TV networks available on Sky – as well as presenting TV in Latin America – I once was paid to share a train carriage Daniel Craig in 007.

A Quick Summary of Skills:

  • Factual Development and Production NFTS diploma Communications degree with 10+ years experience
  • CRM consultant with focus on HVC retention
  • I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Broadcast experience includes radio and TV
  • Working in Marketing since 2010
  • Social media expert

And Here a Work Preview:

How can I help you?

Send your query today! I will be happy to hear from you and work on a project with you.

Over the past few years I have worked with Marcio Delgado for different TV networks and productions, delivering content for both countries, the UK and also Brazil. Besides a natural talent to find stories and tell them in a captivating way, his creativity, solution skills and attention for details always add quality to any piece he works on

Erika Abreu
Journalist, International Correspondent, RedeTV

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