Over the past few years I have worked with Marcio Delgado for different TV networks and productions, delivering content for both countries, the UK and also Brazil. Besides a natural talent to find stories and tell them in a captivating way, his creativity, solution skills and attention for details always add quality to any piece he works on

Erika Abreu
Journalist, International Correspondent, RedeTV

“Working with RDB to star in the #LiveMoreShareMore campaign and being a guest blogger for Western Union for many months was like working with old friends. Having met Marcio back in 2017, in San Francisco, I was thrilled when he reached out to invite me to film two videos in Istanbul, Turkey. I really appreciated how organized and professional it all went, making the shooting process smooth and comfortable resulting in gorgeous videos. Marcio’s personality is warm and inviting and he is always so professional and organized I know I am in good hands! I wish every project was as smooth as when I worked with Marcio. Even in stressful situations he makes work feel like a vacation. I couldn’t recommend him more.”

Alyne Tamir
Content Creator, Founder, Girls Gone Global Network

“It has been amazing to work with Marcio, his passion and his energy behind the cameras, while on the road, and also liaising monthly to brief us with topics and to curate content produced on a regular basis. He is constantly trying to improve the way business engage with customers, online and offline, pushing for quality and helping us to create great content.”

Ruben Arribas and Rachel Pregunt
Content Creators, Gamintraveler

“I’ve been working with Marcio for a year now and every bit of it has been a pleasurable experience. From the filming production, to the monthly content I provide, Marcio and his team are always there to guide the way and make sure we produce the best and most professional content possible! It’s been very sweet, fun and smooth to work with Marcio! I’m happy we crossed paths.

Valeria Hinojosa
Influencer and founder, Water Thru Skin

“As a creator, it is great when we work with professionals whom support us through the journey of bringing content to live and Marcio has been very supportive in every briefing we worked together, from a Mother’s Day Campaign filmed in Mexico with Skype calls to the Philippines, from filming in Honduras for a Global campaign to monthly content collaborations. He’s super professional and is always looking for ways to improve the tasks at hand. I also appreciate the constant communication, making my work with RDB much more enjoyable.”

Maria Sierra
Content Creator and Founder, LaCooquette

“My first interaction with Marcio and his crew, in Egypt, was flawless to start filming in downtown Cairo for Western Union. A few months earlier, he was the one reaching out to find more about my journey crossing Africa by foot and the feasibility of bringing me on board for a campaign. From contract signing to content briefing and monthly management, it has been a great experience to be working with Marcio for over two years now. “

Mario Rigby
Explorer. Founder, Crossing Africa

“I have worked with Marcio Delgado since 2017, firstly when he reached out as the producer for the campaign LiveMoreShareMore, as well as filming five episodes for the project and then collaborating monthly for Western Union’s Content Calendar. He has a sharp eye for details and bring practical solutions for content creation.”

Himanshu Sehgal
Entrepreneur and founder, My Yellow Plate

“I am always looking forward to receiving a brief from RDB and to work with Marcio because I have no doubt it will be something inspiring and of a very high quality. He is very decisive and clear, be it handling a new contract, giving directions on set, or managing content quality – which makes any work to seem easy and meaningful.”

Kenneth Surat
Travel blogger and Entrepreneur

“Marcio is great to work with. He is extremely reliable and always happy to help out; no job is too big or small for him. Marcio is very organized and proactive with great attention to detail, an asset for every team! I’m sure there’s a lot more to come from Marcio in his successful career combining a strong experience in Marketing and a natural talent to communicate within corporate and mainstream worlds”.

Renato Quintiliano
Ad Operations Manager , Yahoo

Marcio is the kind of person who oozes enthusiasm and positive vibes, inspiring people around him. He is genuine, charismatic and honest, a man of character with solid marketing experience and plenty of ideas. It was a great experience working with him at Western Union. He always thinks outside the box and makes things happen

Iulia Calota
Business Development, SNL Ethnic Marketing Ltd

“Márcio Delgado is a highly creative, competent and focused multimedia professional. He manages to always add value to any project he put his hands on. We worked together for a broadcast network, in Brazil, where I had the opportunity to see very close his versatility in managing several projects at the same, behind the cameras, as well as his incredible charisma and ethic while presenting different formats for TV”. Marcio certainly is one of those rare professionals everyone enjoy to have around”

Nélio Jr.
Programa A Aarde é Sua, Rede TV!

“Marcio Delgado is passionate about everything he commits himself to, be it as a TV entertainer and producer or behind the screen where he is also an accomplished communications and marketing professional. He always has lots of ideas, is easy to work as part of a team and has a natural drive to successfully bring projects to life.”

Mirian Thomas
Commercial Director, Record TV

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