Meet Noah

I met Noah while filming in Honduras in 2017.

At first, I thought he was a child, a much younger child. It turned out he was a 15 years old boy waiting for a transplant at a local hospital. Organs don’t come by easily, so he didn’t know how long he would still be there until doctors could find him a suitable donor. However his happiness during the time spent with our crew was contagious, despite his condition.

In the end, because he was 15, I had to ask his mother to sign an image release form giving her consent for the images. Guess what? In between the long wait for a new kidney that can save his life – and all the needles and medicaments that comes with the challenge – Noah is actually the one currently teaching his mother to read and write, as she never had a chance to go to school.


Author: Marcio Delgado
A Journalist, speaker and a Content Producer working with brands and publications in the UK and Latin America.

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